The Best Kept Secret for Email Campaign Feedback

Your customers are talking about you. Yes, of course they talk about your brand itself on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels…but they are also discussing your email campaigns, and their conversations can give you great insight into how your campaigns are being received, beyond just standard quantitative email metrics.

Go to Twitter and search for your brand name followed by the word “email.” On the search results page, make sure you click the “All” toggle to see all of the tweets, instead of just “top” tweets. Voila! Instant feedback on your email campaigns.

Granted, it will be only a small segment of your overall email audience, but still — it’s qualitative and direct feedback that email marketers don’t often get, except for the cavalier few who hit “Reply” to give us a piece of their minds.

An interesting side benefit is that many of the tweets actually include a screenshot of your email, allowing you to see how your designs are rendering in the wild!

In my search for a few big brand names thus far, I’ve found people sharing thoughts regarding:

  • Excitement over particular offers
  • Annoyance at email volume/frequency
  • Frustration with lack of segmentation/personalization (Yes, subscribers know that we have data, and they expect us to use it!)
  • The ridiculousness of “Move us to your Primary Gmail Inbox!” emails (Which I, personally, was thrilled to see)

Go forth and search the Twittersphere! See what your subscribers are saying — perhaps keep a strong drink nearby, in case things go south.


  1. I would add to search for “e-mail” as well. Some people still do type it that way, as frustrating as it is.

    Topsy is another great site to use to broaden that search across different social networks.


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