Dispatches from #TEDC13 London

BVhe-9vCAAAeOkJI was lucky enough to spend my 26th birthday in London, sharing the stage with a few of the best minds in the email design industry at TEDC13. (Before, of course, spending a few days being a tourist with my friend Kate!)

The Email Design Conference is the first event of its kind, bringing together email designers and developers who have mostly been relegated to breakout sessions at other email conferences. Until TEDC, email designers have swapped stories, shared tricks and communally bitched about Outlook only in online forums and on Twitter. This annual gathering (presented by Litmus) will advance the field much further and give it the recognition it very much deserves.

Many of the other presenters are people I have long looked up to as the heroes of email design. When you’ve been befuddled by something in Outlook and you read a blog post that solved everything, the author was likely Ros Hodgekiss, or Justine Jordan, or Elliot Ross, to name a few — and I don’t know if you’ve seen the list of speakers at TEDC13, but it features those three impossibly smart folks and many, many more.

If you missed us in London and San Francisco, there’s good news! We’re presenting the conference one more time in 2013. We’ll be in Boston later in November, and you can still get one of the few remaining tickets. There’s also a rumor that I’ll be on stage rapping in Boston, so, that will definitely help justify the trip to your boss.

A few highlights from London and San Francisco, told best by the attendees:

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