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Making Email Awesome in an Automated, Mobile, Wearable, Drone-Filled, Customer-Centric World

November 17, 2014

I’m miserable over the fact that I’ve been so neglectful of my blog. Luckily, my mid-November Resolution is to return to it and continue making wild comparisons between email marketing and pop culture. I might also write some legitimate things that don’t reference Beyonce…but I can’t make promises. In the meantime, I’ve ventured out into the world of SlideShare! As my first post there, I’ve uploaded the slides from a talk I recently gave, “Making Email Awesome in an Automated, Mobile, Wearable, Drone-Filled, Customer-Centric World.” Flip through and see what you think: Other posts you might enjoy: First Comes Love, Then Comes Mobile 26 Things Every Email Marketer Thinks When Pressing “Send” 14 GIFs Explaining an Email Marketer’s Life


26 Things Every Email Marketer Thinks When Pressing “Send”

May 7, 2014

We’ve all been there. We’ve dealt with the roller coaster of emotion that comes with pressing “send” on an email marketing campaign. The highs; the lows…they keep us alive, coming back for more every time. Does this stream-of-consciousness seem familiar…? 1. This email looks so good! 2. Yeah, I really love this email. I’m so ready to send it! 3. Email approval from boss: “Great, but can you make the headline pop a little more?” … Yep, OK … 4. It’s still okay, though.  My original concept got edited down way less this time. 5. OK! Looks good in my inbox. Let’s test and make sure it looks good everywhere else. 6. Wait, why is the word “Wednesday” an ugly blue link on the iPhone? 7. Hmmm…Let me check it in Outlook 2007 real fast… 8. Why is there a gap between those two images? 9. Is that how you spell that word? It doesn’t look right anymore. 10. Gchat to […]


Thoughts After a Trust Fall: Email Marketing <3

April 6, 2014

(This is a little TL;DR, so, here are Cliff’s Notes if you simply can’t be bothered: I got a new job, moved to a new city, am madly in love with email marketing and if you live in Boston, I’d love to meet up. Yes, Boston readers, I’m shamelessly hitting on you.) So, I made a bit of a move—a professional move, a personal move…well, I pretty much turned my entire life upside down. Two months ago, I packed up my bags and moved from DC to Boston. With nothing in tow but a suitcase, a backpack and two small boxes, I moved to a city in which I had spent exactly three days ever and knew only a handful of folks. It was kind of like a trust fall. The big draw was that I would be starting a new job managing email marketing at a company I was a huge fan of: Litmus. That part was easy; I’ve […]


9 Things Email Marketers Freaked Out Over in 2013

December 20, 2013

I have so much love for the email marketing community. We are a very passionate, dedicated people, always looking to improve our work and stay ahead of trends. However, as a result of that, nobody freaks out more than email marketers, in scale or frequency. When a ripple runs through our world, we write blog posts, initiate listserv debates and host summits about nothing else for, minimum, six months afterward. Let’s take some time to reflect on the things we absolutely lost our minds over this year… It sure looks like Gmail rocked our world in 2013. They made continuous updates to their email service throughout the year, often provoking feelings of unease among many email marketers. However, these changes and developments should remind us that if we do our jobs well, we will continue to succeed in the Inbox. No changes to Gmail or Yahoo! or Outlook will erode the fact that email marketing is at its best when […]


‘First Comes Love, Then Comes Mobile’ at MPEIS

December 17, 2013

This year, I have had the privilege of traveling to several conferences to preach the gospel of responsive email design. My most recent presentation was last week at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit in Park City, UT. Below, you can see the stream of the ‘First Comes Love, Then Comes Mobile’ case study I presented. In it, I discuss mobile email trends affecting all email marketers, and then the specific tactics I have employed to meet my subscribers where they are — on their phones and tablets. Although I was initially concerned that I would have to give my presentation in a full body cast after a day of skiing, it turns out I’m a passable skier and was still (sort of) able to function the next day. PyeongChang 2018? Don’t see the video above? Watch it on USTREAM here. Other posts you might enjoy: 14 GIFs Explaining an Email Marketer’s Life The Best Kept Secret for Email Campaign Feedback The […]


The “Mean Girls” Guide to Email Marketing

December 2, 2013

In 2004, Tina Fey bestowed a great gift upon the world: the movie Mean Girls. For the uninitiated, a brief summary: Lindsey Lohan stars as Cady Heron, a home-schooled 16-year-old forced to enroll in public school when her family relocates to Illinois from Africa. Unprepared for the “survival of the fittest” nature of high school, Cady gets tangled up with a clique known as The Plastics, the most popular — and most hated — girls in school. Through this lens, Mean Girls explores the effects of social cliques in American schools. With its oft-quoted script, Mean Girls has become one of the most popular movies of the last decade. However, it has much more to teach us beyond how to survive in high school. Cady and the Plastics actually have a few key lessons that can help you succeed in email marketing! #1 – You don’t have to wear pink on Wednesdays. The Plastics wear pink every Wednesday — but for no good reason […]


The Best Kept Secret for Email Campaign Feedback

November 20, 2013

Your customers are talking about you. Yes, of course they talk about your brand itself on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels…but they are also discussing your email campaigns, and their conversations can give you great insight into how your campaigns are being received, beyond just standard quantitative email metrics. Go to Twitter and search for your brand name followed by the word “email.” On the search results page, make sure you click the “All” toggle to see all of the tweets, instead of just “top” tweets. Voila! Instant feedback on your email campaigns. Granted, it will be only a small segment of your overall email audience, but still — it’s qualitative and direct feedback that email marketers don’t often get, except for the cavalier few who hit “Reply” to give us a piece of their minds. An interesting side benefit is that many of the tweets actually include a screenshot of your email, allowing you to see how your designs are […]


3 Tips for Better Preheader Text

November 18, 2013

Preheader Negligence. We’ve all been victims of it.               “View online as webpage.”               “Forward to a friend.”               And…the worst…“HAVING TROUBLE VIEWING THIS EMAIL?” The presence of those phrases in our inboxes is a symptom of the next greatest plague among us: Preheader Negligence. Although not yet on WebMD, it’s loosely defined as failing to strategically control your email’s appearance in the inbox through the aid of optimized preheader text. In modern inboxes, we see preheader negligence at its worst when generic link text is displayed in the inbox, directly after the subject line. See Exhibit A below. Exhibit A: My personal inbox. Subject lines changed to protect the negligent. As a concept, preheader text has evolved over time. The phrase itself refers to the text above the header in an email. It was initially important because it was the first part of an […]


14 GIFs Explaining An Email Marketer’s Life

November 14, 2013

OK, email marketing friends. After many hours of scrolling through animated GIFs and lolzing to myself, I have selected 14 that I feel represent the full experience of being an email marketer. Enjoy. #1 – When anyone at your company actually calculates the ROI of Email #2 – When you attend an email marketing conference #3 – When you look at your email design in Lotus Notes #4 – When your boss asks if you can make the Unsubscribe link harder to find #5 – When you look at the CTR of Transactional emails #6 – The 5 minutes before pressing “Send” on an email campaign #7 – The 5 minutes after pressing “Send” on an email campaign #8 – When the 20th person asks if Gmail Tabs are hurting your open rates #9 – When you finally get approval to buy a Litmus subscription #10 – When your favorite variant in the A/B test loses #11 – When you […]