9 Things Email Marketers Freaked Out Over in 2013

I have so much love for the email marketing community. We are a very passionate, dedicated people, always looking to improve our work and stay ahead of trends.

However, as a result of that, nobody freaks out more than email marketers, in scale or frequency. When a ripple runs through our world, we write blog posts, initiate listserv debates and host summits about nothing else for, minimum, six months afterward.

Let’s take some time to reflect on the things we absolutely lost our minds over this year…


It sure looks like Gmail rocked our world in 2013. They made continuous updates to their email service throughout the year, often provoking feelings of unease among many email marketers.

However, these changes and developments should remind us that if we do our jobs well, we will continue to succeed in the Inbox. No changes to Gmail or Yahoo! or Outlook will erode the fact that email marketing is at its best when we are sending highly relevant and useful communications to our subscribers. That should be the central core of our work. If we send emails that readers genuinely want and find interesting, no Promotions Tab can get in our way.

Who knows what 2014 will bring? Perhaps Gmail will start recognizing internal stylesheets in email HTML. What on earth will we do then? I’m not sure, but I can guarantee you there will be 16 panels about it throughout conference season.

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  1. Of all these the one that worried me more was the Yahoo one :) Gmail image caching and Gmail tabs carried more Hype than they deserved, but some times this only happens because these are very good for traffic in blogs.

    I noted this more with Google image caching, with also a bit more of dissinformation maybe. Let’s see what the 2014 brings us :)

    Jose Argudo

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