for May, 2014

26 Things Every Email Marketer Thinks When Pressing “Send”

May 7, 2014

We’ve all been there. We’ve dealt with the roller coaster of emotion that comes with pressing “send” on an email marketing campaign. The highs; the lows…they keep us alive, coming back for more every time. Does this stream-of-consciousness seem familiar…? 1. This email looks so good! 2. Yeah, I really love this email. I’m so ready to send it! 3. Email approval from boss: “Great, but can you make the headline pop a little more?” … Yep, OK … 4. It’s still okay, though.  My original concept got edited down way less this time. 5. OK! Looks good in my inbox. Let’s test and make sure it looks good everywhere else. 6. Wait, why is the word “Wednesday” an ugly blue link on the iPhone? 7. Hmmm…Let me check it in Outlook 2007 real fast… 8. Why is there a gap between those two images? 9. Is that how you spell that word? It doesn’t look right anymore. 10. Gchat to […]