for April, 2014

Thoughts After a Trust Fall: Email Marketing <3

April 6, 2014

(This is a little TL;DR, so, here are Cliff’s Notes if you simply can’t be bothered: I got a new job, moved to a new city, am madly in love with email marketing and if you live in Boston, I’d love to meet up. Yes, Boston readers, I’m shamelessly hitting on you.) So, I made a bit of a move—a professional move, a personal move…well, I pretty much turned my entire life upside down. Two months ago, I packed up my bags and moved from DC to Boston. With nothing in tow but a suitcase, a backpack and two small boxes, I moved to a city in which I had spent exactly three days ever and knew only a handful of folks. It was kind of like a trust fall. The big draw was that I would be starting a new job managing email marketing at a company I was a huge fan of: Litmus. That part was easy; I’ve […]