14 GIFs Explaining An Email Marketer’s Life

OK, email marketing friends. After many hours of scrolling through animated GIFs and lolzing to myself, I have selected 14 that I feel represent the full experience of being an email marketer.


#1 – When anyone at your company actually calculates the ROI of Email

#2 – When you attend an email marketing conference

#3 – When you look at your email design in Lotus Notes

#4 – When your boss asks if you can make the Unsubscribe link harder to find

#5 – When you look at the CTR of Transactional emails

#6 – The 5 minutes before pressing “Send” on an email campaign

#7 – The 5 minutes after pressing “Send” on an email campaign

#8 – When the 20th person asks if Gmail Tabs are hurting your open rates

#9 – When you finally get approval to buy a Litmus subscription

#10 – When your favorite variant in the A/B test loses

#11 – When you send out a subject line with a typo in it

#12 – When you finally fix a rendering issue in Outlook

#13 – When people say email is dying

#14 – At the end of the day, when you’ve conquered the universe
(because being an email marketer is that awesome.)

Did you relate to this? If so, please share!

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